In motion…

Dear Tomato,

Were you sleeping?  Do you know what sleep is? Anyway,  Let’s talk

I mentioned evolution the other day. You seemed confused(I guess). Let’s try and simplify it to the basics. If I eat too many carrots, I’d turn red. Evolution is slightly similar to this. It’s just slower. Much much slower. That’s what uncle Darwin said anyway. Confused? Let’s take us humans for example. They(Darwin’s bros of course) say we come from monkeys. Funny right? But they do have reasons to say so. This is how one of ‘them’ would narrate the story of humans coming from monkeys.

At first there were monkeys. The monkeys started getting bored of doing nothing and started to roam around. Having some ‘fun’ on the way. There were eventually more monkeys across the world. Lots and lots of them. Some of those monkeys though, were a bit smarter. They hung out with their own kind. They moved around. They grew in number too. There were more and more smart monkeys. And then among too many smart monkeys, there were even smarter ones. You get the chain right? The monkeys got smarter and smarter until eventually there were monkeys smart enough to care about how they did things in addition to just what they did. Eventually there were us. The smart monkeys.

That’s not the full picture. That’s not even half the picture. There are a lot more factors that decide who gets smarter, or who survives longer. But I hope this gave you an idea about the expansion of the conscious with time.

The human mind connects with other minds to extends that were never before possible in the long chain of monkeys that came before us. We developed language as a form of communication, which made all the difference. From being able to warn fellow beings of upcoming danger with signs, and attracting potential mates with synchronised movements; humans have come to a point where they are able to interact with each other looking at slabs of glass and metal, without uttering a word. Distance, which used to be something that hindered communication, is now not even a factor. The human conscious has grown enough to bend the world around him to his convenience, often to the inconvenience of other beings.

When human beings realise the potential of the mind, they are able to do great things for humanity. A guy who wore glasses once came up with a solution which can store 1000 songs in a pocket. That’s near 5000 hours of music, stored in a box that’s roughly your size. I’m sure you’ve no idea what music is, or how one would store sound in a box. We’ll come to it soon enough. Just take my word for it now.

This trend of monkeys getting smarter must continue (according to Darwin’s bros). There will be smarter monkeys, and then smarter than smart monkeys. This would go on for a while. How long? They don’t know. What’s the end result? Umm.. no idea.

I’ll tell you what I’d want the end to be like. A perfect beautiful state where monkeys are so smart, and so open with their minds. A time when monkeys look at each other only as fellow monkeys. Not as American monkeys and Asian monkeys. Not as Buddhist monkeys or Muslim monkeys. A time when the whole of the supermonkey community sees it as a whole, and realises they’re all a part of one shared conscious.

A dream too far fetched perhaps. Have you ever wondered what the ultimate super tomato would be like?

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