Do you use numbers to set values to things? Do you consider something to be of the exact same value irrespective of the place and context it is used in? Have you heard of money? Us humans are taught to be slaves of it


I’ve been told all my life that the purpose of my life is to grow up and get to a position where I can afford to ‘buy’ things I need, in exchange of money I’ve earned. I was led to believe that I needed to earn to survive, and that the value of my talent was determined by the amount of money it got me.

What is money but some pieces of paper or chunks of metal? It’s a system that fixes numerical values to things so that they can be bought or sold within the system in exchange for a particular amount  that is decided depending on the value of the object. Almost. The ‘value’ of an object is not always the same in human terms. Different people can value the same object differently based on the context and their use for that object. Numbers can’t define values on a human context. That’s where money becomes an ambiguous unambiguity.

Money brings in a lot of advantages to a system which is controlled by a central group. It makes things much easier to manage and track. Makes it easier to monitor and control growth of a market since it’s value is defined by mere numbers. There’s a  big downside too. Since a numeric value is all you need to evaluate things, this system of numbers itself controls any other system which uses it. Whoever is dependent on a money based system, is in turn controlled by money itself. The notion of numbers valuing things implies that more is better. A person obsessed with power thus becomes obsessed with the idea of increasing his numeric value. All other qualities that value a being are thus given lesser importance and morals are often looked over in favour of wealth.

In a world without money, a person grows up on this planet with his own unique  goals in life, creating a unique lifestyle and a unique perception of the world around him. Money kills this curiosity in finding ones interest right from the beginning of a persons growth. People grow up believing that their value is determined by how much they earn, rather than what they do. People often lose track of what is  good and what is bad, in favour of what pays more and what doesn’t. It blinds us from reality.

Money isn’t real. It’s merely a contract between people or entities. A never ending contract.

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