Tale of a God-owned country

Dear tomato,

I met a few friends of you during my time in Manikaran. Quite a few I should say. Made a new human friend too. He showed me a life that I preach, but never get to live. A life above the labels of profession, religion, culture, language and nationality. A life as a true human being.

Once I came back home, to the so called “God’s own country”, it was a different story. God had taken control over everything. People  no longer chose the life they lived because they wanted to, but because they felt obliged to. Because their  culture told them to. A culture almost always based on religion. I wasn’t in God’s own country. I was in a “God-owned country”. God doesn’t live there. Instead, he decides how people live there.

Above good and evil, above wisdom and ignorance, above love and hate there was this invisible yet incredibly divisive cage. The cage of religion. In efforts to unite people under labels of communities, more cages formed, and people united to divide. In the midst of immense love and empathy, now there are walls of religions, and within these cages of religion, there are further walls created by differences in ideologies. Gods run the place.

When a girl aspires to explore the world around her, her culture tells her it is not ‘honourable’ to do so. If she denies such ‘offers’ for honour, she is called a rebel. Communities imprison rebels. She’s demanded to be kept “in sight” and is scared of dangers of the world outside. Within walls of what she used to call home, she’s taught those who came before her knows what’s best for her, and that she has no clue. If she tries to see for herself, religion labels her ‘ignorant’. Ironic, isn’t it?

In God’s own country, in the god-owned districts, the public is very  often more interested in how close one is to god, than they are or even he is. It is often considered their right to know and interfere in anyone’s life as long as the matter is of religious nature. Ideas of democracy and communism are mocked on a daily basis by a majority of ignorant or greedy politicians.

This is but the story of one of the less corrupt regions of the country. Humanity had been lead in all sorts of weird directions ever since man had started developing desires for material things. A system based on money merely made this easier.

It’s not easy  being human. Very few humans even know what that word means. Perhaps as humans go higher in the chain of evolution,  as we become more conscious of the world we live in, perhaps humanity  survives.

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